LVM Systems’ triage products provide proven protocols that ensure consistent and accurate results. Telephone triage is an effective process for directing consumers and patients to the appropriate level of care. Partnering with Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson, LVM makes available the most tested and clinically proven protocols. The protocols are modifiable to meet the preferences of your medical advisors. Panels of physicians and nurses with experience in telephone triage rigorously review the Schmitt-Thompson clinical content.

What sets Centaurus Triage apart is the “nursing support” enhancements – the result of listening to feedback from hundreds of triage nurses and developing features to make them more efficient and effective. If desired, LVM can host many of our products in the cloud on LVM’s Virtual Call Center (VCC). Centaurus provides the following call center solutions for telephone triage:

After Hours Nurse Triage
Used by nurses in Telephone Triage Call Centers, the After Hours set of protocols includes additional dispositions. For example, recommendations to go to the appropriate level of care when physician offices are closed. This protocol set also includes Care Advice targeted to the level of care (disposition) provided by the nurse.

Office Hours Nurse Triage
To address the needs of patients with daytime triage needs, LVM offers Office Hours triage protocols from Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson. Drs. Schmitt and Thompson designed the Office-Hours protocols to manage daytime office or clinical setting calls.

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